Short Description:

Safeland TPV is the real TPV, specially designed for soft fall wet pour surfacing. Its high performance in harsh weather conditions is second to none.
The high polymers content, first grade raw materials and advanced manufacturing systems in Safeland TPV present excellent physical properties and high resistance to UV radiation. All our colours are extremely stable, and 27 colours available. We can also customize any colours according to clients demands.


Application :
Playground rubber flooring, Multi-Function Sports Surfaces, running track, kindergarten flooring, walkways and landscape areas, water park, driveways, tennis & basketball courts coatings, swimming pool deck, terrace, etc.

Product Detail

Safeland TPV is a superior new generation rubber shaped to fulfill all customers' demands.
Made of unique polymers, premium UV stabilizers, anti-oxidants and pigments, its amazing UV stability and elasticity enable us to offer 8 years Warranty free of whitening, cracking, melting and degradation in harshest weathers.
30% high polymer content and lower density allow Safeland TPV to get a 25% - 40% higher coverage than other rubber.
Safeland TPV is the best alternative to the other rubber available in the market, and substantially proved by its remarkable performance and cost-efficiency.

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